ARTRIGHT is a project established to promote professional practice and business acumen in the South African visual arts community.


  • ARTRIGHT success depends on contributions from the community. You or your business could contribute to the development of ARTRIGHT's body of knowledge:

  •      1. through monetary donations, 
  •      2. by contributing your time, skill, knowledge or resources

Your contributions will help realise the ARTRIGHT project. ARTRIGHT will acknowledge your contributions in the  Thank You To... section of the website.

Contact ARTRIGHT at with your contributions or questions about contributing.

The ways to contribute

  • There are two ways to contribute to ARTRIGHT:
  •      - Monetary donation
  •      - Time, skill, knowledge and resources contributions

Read our list of what is needed to find out where your contributions will be valued. How Else Can I Help?

Monetary Donations

Your monetary donations are used to create content, develop documentation and make ARTRIGHT run smoother and further.

  • You can donate money in two ways: 
  •      - A donation into the kitty. You can donate money into the ARTRIGHT kitty. ARTRIGHT will allocate the money
  •        to a project.
  •      - A dedicated donation. You can donate money to a specific aspect of the ARTRIGHT project. ARTRIGHT will
  •        find the professionals to develop what you have donated for. For suggestions please go to ARTRIGHT's to do
  •        list.
  • Tax Deduction 
  • ARTRIGHT is a project which falls under VANSA's mandate. As VANSA is a non-profit organisation any money donated to ARTRIGHT will receive a tax deduction based on SARS section 18(a).  

The easiest way to donate money is to deposit money directly into the VANSA Bank account.

VANSA account details

  •      - Bank:  Nedbank
  •      - Branch: Fox street
  •      - Branch code: 190805
  •      - Account no: 0110098314
  •      - Account name: VANSA
  •      - SWIFT code: NEDSZAJJ
  •      - Reference: (Your Surname) - ARTRIGHT

Please quote your (SURNAME) - ARTRIGHT as the reference so that we can track your donation. For other methods of payment, please visit VANSA.

The Visual Arts Network of South Africa is responsible for the financial administration of the project. VANSA is a non-profit organisation registered with the Department of Social Development (reg nr 055-622), and has Public Benefit Organisation status through the South African Revenue Services (reg nr: 93002547). The organisation is auditted on an annual basis by Gobodo Chartered Accountants.

Time, skill, knowledge and resource contributions

Your time, skill and knowledge contributions will help develop the ARTRIGHT project. Contact us at if you would like to contribute to ARTRIGHT.

  • From whom does ARTRIGHT need contributions?
  •      - ARTRIGHT needs contributions from individuals and businesses in the art industry, 
  •        the design industry as well as the legal and business sectors.
  • What type of contributions does ARTRIGHT need?
  •      - ARTRIGHT needs contributions such as content development, design work and 
  •        professional support. How Else Can I Help?
  • How can I contribute?
  •      - There are many ways you can help ARTRIGHT. Read through our what is needed list 
  •        list to find out where your contributions will be valued. How Else Can I Help?
  • How does ARTRIGHT make sure contributions will benefit the community?
  •      - Any content which is contributed will be evaluated by ARTRIGHT or appointed 
  •        industry professional to see if it is accurate and unbiased before it is published onto the 
  •        website.