ARTRIGHT is a project established to promote professional practice and business acumen in the South African visual arts community.

How Can I get Involved?

ARTRIGHT welcomes the participation of the community for the development and promotion of the website, it's content and the Ubuntu Philosophy. 

If you, your business, your organisation or community would like to be involved in the project or you would like to develop an ARTRIGHT node in your city, please contact us. 

There are various ways of becoming involved in ARTRIGHT. We have defined a basic set of relationships that will help you to choose how to become more involved in the project. 

This list is by no means set in stone and we would be happy to discuss other mutually beneficial relationships with you.

  • You can:
  •      - become an Advisory Board member
  •      - become a Partner
  •      - Contribute money, time, skills and/or resources
  •      - become a Supporter of Artright. 

Advisory Board Member

An advisory network of industry professionals and experts in particular areas of the visual arts is being convened through industry briefing sessions across the country.  The first such session was hosted by the Bag Factory in Johannesburg. Members of the advisory network are sent monthly updates on new and future content and provide feedback on the material. 

  • The board will be made up of representatives from the following are industry sectors:
  •      - Galleries
  •      - Artists
  •      - Media (Journalists)
  •      - Logistic Agents
  •      - Lawyers 
  •      - Auction Houses
  •      - Publishers, etc

If you would like to be part of the advisory board or nominate someone to be part of the Advisory Board please send an email to


Partners are organisations, businesses, institutions and individuals who work together with the founding partners for the development of the project and project mandate. Partners have an ongoing relationship with ARTRIGHT.  


A contributor is an organisation, business, institution or individual that has provided once-off support towards the project. A contribution is support made towards the project in money, time, resources and skill.


Supporters of the project are organisations, businesses, institutions or individuals that have a vested interest in professional practice within the industry and who have endorsed the project.