ARTRIGHT is a project established to promote professional practice and business acumen in the South African visual arts community.

Who we are

Founding Members

  • ARTRIGHT has been developed by a collaboration of three members:
  •      - Brendan Copestake
  •      - The Wits School of Arts
  •      - VANSA.

The roles of the members are:

  • Brendan Copestake
  •      - Brendan Copestake is the development manager for the project, responsible for the 
  •        setting up of the website and the coordination of content development.
  • The Wits School of Arts (WITS)
  •      - WSOA will have an ongoing advisory and overseeing role in relation to the project in general
  •      - WSOA will oversee the development of the Educational component of ARTRIGHT's body of knowledge
  •      - WSOA will integrate the Educational component into tertiary educational institutions.
  •      - VANSA is the organisational entity responsible for the project, and is responsible for the administration of
  •        resources, overall project management and is involved in research and content development.
  •      - VANSA helps develop and support the project.
  •      - VANSA brings current research and development to ARTRIGHT.
  •      - VANSA provids the artists handbook (VANSA in partnership with Africa Centre) 
  •        to ARTRIGHT for free publication.
  •      - VANSA provids financial resources, likely ongoing financial support from and partnership with 
  •        Gauteng Dept of Sports, Recreation Arts and Culture and Western Cape Dept of 
  •        Tourism and Economic Development
  •      - VANSA provids an editorial/advisory capacity from a network of experienced professionals who 
  •        have shared concerns about professional development issues within the industry
  •      - VANSA gives ARTRIGHT indirect access to a membership/network of 2000 + artists,
  •        businesses, organizations and other professionals to whom the project can be
  •        communicated.

The Visual Arts Network of South Africa is responsible for the financial administration of the project.  VANSA is a non-profit organisation registered with the Department of Social Development (reg nr 055-622), and has Public Benefit Organisation status  through the South African Revenue Services (reg nr: 93002547). The organisation is audited on an annual basis by Gobodo Chartered Accountants.

Get Involved

There are various ways of becoming involved in ARTRIGHT. We have defined a basic set of relationships that will help you to choose how to become more involved in the project. 

This list is by no means set in stone and we would be happy to discuss other mutually beneficial relationships with you. 

How can I get Involved