ARTRIGHT is a project established to promote professional practice and business acumen in the South African visual arts community.

Brendan Copestake

Brendan Copestake has been actively involved in the arts and architectural industry for close on a decade as a freelance project manager, consultant and designer. 

After completing his BCom degree at the University of Cape Town, he went on to work and travel through Europe, North America and Asia, during which time he developed an appreciation for architecture and public space. On returning to South Africa he studied an as architectural draughtsman and worked with architect and artist, Nabeel Essa and Clive van den Berg, on museum and public art installations. 

Working between the two sectors, Brendan began to freelance to various professionals and organisations including Freedom Park, The Nelson Mandela Foundation, Artlogic as the Technical Director for the Joburg Art Fair, The Trinity Session and Mikhael Subotsky desiging, installing and managing various projects ranging from large scale sculptural installations such as the Eland by Clive van den Berg, situated on Jan Smuts Ave in Braamfontein, to furniture design and manufacture for Freedom Park. During this time he qualified as a Project Manager from Mount Royal College in Calgary Canada. 

Whilst working within the arts industry, Brendan Copestake noticed that artists lacked basic business knowledge and tools from their university training. In 2010 Brendan Copestake pioneered a web based project, called , with the WITS School of Arts and VANSA to provide legal contracts and information, accounting software and other practical professional practice advice. All the information on the website is free to use and share. The aim of the project is to develop the visual arts business knowledge in order to stimulate the industry to do better business more often. 

Since the launch of the site, a need for one-on-one advice has grown and Brendan now consults to artists and art businesses on best business practices as well as providing financial, estate and copyright advice.  

Brendan is currently enrolled at the WSOA for a Post Grad in Arts Administration.