ARTRIGHT is a project established to promote professional practice and business acumen in the South African visual arts community.


The Lift up a Life Program is an innovative career and life skill programme. It consists of the following developmental books:
          - JumpStartHandbook
          - Youth for Human Rights
          - The Way to Hapiness
          - Teachers Guide

The JumpStart Handbook 

The great value of JumpStart lies in its overriding commitment to creating knowledge. JumpStart strives to disseminate not only the essential life skills required for the development of self-in-society, but also the career and other opportunities made possible by South Africa’s dynamic and growing economy. Above all, JumpStart endeavours to take the knowledge to the learner; to lay it down before the learner in an enthusiastic and encouraging manner; and to support the learner in his or her path towards greatness.

JumpStart has 320 full colour pages of up-to-date information, crucial advice, effective techniques, useful tips, important contact details and valuable messages from the business world and from Government. Besides all these life skills, there are over 200 career opportunities with links to skill needs and opportunities available in the market.