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Borehole Pump Repairs Johannesburg

Get amazing commercial and domestic boreholes, pumps and geothermal heat systems!

 At Bore Hole Pump Repairs Johannesburg w a company established by the Albert Kroose in the 1999 five years after the 1994 first democratic election of South Africa. Ever since water bill keeps rising Albert quickly discovered the was a market for drilling water making it affordable for properties and holdings constantly have water supply on demand.

The company has built incredible reputation over the years by providing reliable, trouble free water supplies through geothermal heat systems installations.

We provide customers with the following services:

  • Site survey
  • Supply new pump unite
  • Replacement motor
  • Drilling of new borehole
  • Removal of pump from the borehole
  • Reinstall pump into the borehole
  • On –site repair
  • Removal of sand / silt from the boreholes
  • Site test pumping

Get the best quality of Borehole Pump Repairs at unbeatable price!

At Borehole Pump Repairs Johannesburg we ensure that customers understand that boring a hole will require a license issued by the environmental water department to allow any site survey can take place.

Other services include:

  • Repairing Resistance and insulation testing of borehole motor and cable
  • Inspect of control and adjustments
  • Replace UV lamp and quartz tube
  • Replace particle filter cartridge
  • Tank Inspection and clean if necessary

At Borehole Pump Repairs Johannesburg we aim to becoming the best Borehole Repairing company that provides better quality water pump motors at a price better many of our competitors. We ensure that customers get a service they cannot get anywhere else.

At Borehole Pump Repairs Johannesburg is a company built on reliability, quality and superiority. Skillful services designed to fulfill customer needs, offering only the best repairing service better than all our competitors.

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