Frequently Asked Questions at Borehole Pump Repairs Johannesburg

Why do I need a borehole?

We at Bore Hole Pump Repairs Johannesburg the obvious answer to your question is to borehole water a good investment if you have a farm of livestock up to 80% water supply.

What about saving?

Borehole are estimated to supply up to eighty percent, supplying you with constant water that has not been processed with chlorine and fluoride.

Why should I choose Bore holes Pump Repairs Johannesburg?

We run superior pipework systems that ensures constant water supply whether on demand or not the project is a fit and relax solution.

Do I get specifications of the work that going to take place?

All our materials are approved by the water research department and the water inspectorate.

What size is the borehole?

We offer drilling services which we drill between 100 and 5000 diameter. A normal domestic boreholes drilled 300mm diameter with a 102mmcasin screening installation. 

How long does it takes to get a water supply?

Well you going to have require a hydrogeological survey before any drilling is going to happen. On the site we spend up to 12 to 18 days, drilling can take about 4 to 5 days and thereafter pipes and cables need to be installed, get the pumps running and tested which might take another three weeks.